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Tuffi-IMD Pte Ltd

As a leader in the automotive leather upholstery market, Tuffi-IMD has the expertise and technology to custom make and manufacture premium quality leather upholstery products.

Tuffi-IMD manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced equipment, machinery and tools, capable of producing quality automotive leather upholstery products and retrofitting up to 1500 cars monthly.

With more than a decade of experience in the leather upholstery business, Tuffi-IMD has gained the confidence of our clients in the automotive industry to manufacture leather upholstery kits to OEM specifications.

Tuffi-IMD has also succesfully penetrated the aviation, marine and commercial leather upholstery market.

A Leader In The Customized Automotive Leather Upholstery Market

Visit Tuffi-IMD at the website here: http://www.tuffi-imd.com/


Blk 34 Sin Ming Drive, #01-134
Singapore 575708
Tel: (65) 6454 9695
Email: salesadmin@tuffi-imd.com