Tuff Clad / Rust – Proofing

Tuff Clad Pte Ltd

Tuff Clad is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for car grooming and rust-proofing solutions. Our complete range of car-care services include:

~The famous Tuff-Kote Dinol Rustproofing
~System 6: Paint protection
~Sound Clad: Sound proofing treatment
~Tuffi-Cool: Solar/Safety film
~Foam-Klean: Air-con evaporator cleaning
~Leather-Kote: Professional Leather cleaning and conditioning.
~GPS Navigation
~NTUC Motor Insurance Agent
~Polish & Shine
~Engine Cleaning
~Authorised windscreen and glass replacement specialist

Website: http://www.tuffi.com.sg/


Blk 34 Sin Ming Drive, #01-134
Singapore 575708
Tel: (65) 6454 9695
Email: tuff.clad@tuffi.com.sg