Improve business productivity through Payroll Software

Improve business productivity through Payroll Software

Improve business productivity through Payroll Software

In the current business climate of Singapore, two main things stand out as the hardest to tackle for business.

1. High Rental

2. Low Manpower counts and high worker levies

This two combination has caused many businesses to suffer and those who are not able to bite the bullet and transform has been eliminated.


With the recent push for increase in productivity to ensure that each employee is fully optimized, the government has been providing all kinds of funding to encourage the use of technology and machines to improve office/workplace productivity.

Software has been around for a decade but it has not grown at such a great speed as compared to this past year as much of the cost of owning the software has been cut down by the grants that the government is giving out to encourage companies to change and upgrade.

So how does our payroll software assist you to grow your business and reduce cost?

1. Payroll Calculation is automated

With our payroll system, items like leave , work hours , allowances can be computed within a few minutes and all this repetitive amounts will not be needed to be input for the rest of the months going forward after the first setup.

2. Submission to CPF and to banks is automated

With all the calculation done up, the system can easily produce text files that banks and CPF would be able to understand and process and this is the main time saving factor, why would you want to spend time keying in every single transaction of your employees/colleagues when all you need to do is do it in one system and all the rest of the work with CPF and Banks is done for you and all you need to do is upload the text files and all is done !

In this time and space, time is money and we should try to free up time to do what we do best and in the world of entrepreneurship, that would be selling!

All the best in your business and if you are keen on finding out more about our payroll software do keep in contact!


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