5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Payroll Software

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Payroll Software

Why You Should Use A Payroll Software?

1. Fast

With a nice and systematic layout to input your employees personal information, monthly salary details and followed by any special adjustments.

Nothing can be smoother, better and faster. 

2. Saves Money

We Singaporeans are told that we should INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY!

What best than to automate? Accounts/Payroll staff can spend time working on other side projects/more departments instead of spending so much time staring at your excel spreadsheet.

3. Comply to regulations

In a fast moving economy, no rules and regulations span more than a few years.With all the tax and HR changes, especially pertaining to IRAS and CPF contributions, it can be a chore to keep up to date with the changes.

Leave that to our regular updates and patches to ensure up-to-date compliance.

4. Split the work!

Instead of one person controlling the whole payroll spreadsheet or paper document, networked payroll software allows for 3~4 people to split up work.For example: Entering leave records / Entering Allowance Records / Supervisors to check work done by Payroll Staff , all can be done CONCURRENTLY!

5. Its affordable

Many may think that it’s not affordable for SMEs , but lately,the IDA has been giving lots of support in terms of cost. Payroll software firms , like ours are listed for subsidy and would be of great help for budding entrepreneurs!

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